A Hidden Agenda?

3 thoughts on “A Hidden Agenda?”

  1. I relate to so much of your post, especially the anxiety part. It is frustrating beyond words and when you let it show how rotten their assumptions make you feel, the doctor then takes your frustration to mean anxiety and round and round you go. I’m going to request my medical notes and ask for details of results from now on thanks to reading this. Thank you for the idea.

    Ren x

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    1. I’m really, really glad you found my post helpful. You’re so right about how easily dealing with doctors becomes a vicious circle: I have a pain clinic assessment coming up and I’m already trying to modify my language so I don’t get labelled ‘hysterical’ because of a misinterpreted word. Getting medical help shouldn’t have to be this damn hard…

      I’ve also been doing some further digging into the clinical practices that led to my GP waving me out of his office, which I hope to post sometime in the next couple of weeks.

      I know it’s tough, but keep fighting!

      Tha Martian Princess x


      1. It’s impossible. If you come out with notes, you’re faking. If you get upset, you’re hysterical. If you get annoyed, you’re being difficult. If you bring someone along, you’re being sneaky. GRR!

        Ren x

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