A Medical Trojan Horse?

8 thoughts on “A Medical Trojan Horse?”

    1. I know! I just wish I’d been relaxed enough to notice at the time, so that i could have called him out on it. I’m also left wondering what criteria he was using to make those assumptions – my clothes, my hair, my accent? He was so quick to dismiss the other specialists, as well! I’ve should have another meeting with the psychologist fairly soon, so I may just ask him what the physiotherapist trying to pull…

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      1. Unfortunately they do sometimes have their own agendas…I’m still battling the medical ‘professionals’ close to nine years now. I’m worn out 😦 the relentless pain, the disability and isolation. I hope you get the help you need. Have you thought of secretly recording them? I do most of my interactions now…
        🐻 hugs!


      2. NINE YEARS!? Dear lord, that’s horrific! I don’t really know what to say other than I truly hope you get a proper diagnosis soon. I have recorded my GP in the past, but it just didn’t occur to me to do the same at the hospital – that will have to change! Wishing you all the best, and all the spoons. Xx


      3. I never thought I’d have to fight them, so strong was my trust in them. They kept saying don’t look on the internet, which I didn’t – then after two years and mounting frustration and fear, the internet was the only place I got any answers!

        Take care yourself and protect yourself 🙂
        Hugs 🐻 💜

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  1. I shows how much health professionals often have preconceived notions about patients before they ever see them. They don’t go in there with an open mind, they go in there thinking we are like everyone else. Of course, NO ONE is like anyone else.
    I hope you get in the program. after such a crappy experience.

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