This Camel’s Back Is Looking Mighty Creaky…

7 thoughts on “This Camel’s Back Is Looking Mighty Creaky…”

  1. Uh-oh, I’ve already had my first and possibly last rheum outing (hoping I don’t need to go back now..!) Stupid to think a re-referral isn’t a simple thing. So sorry you’ve had such a crappy time with it all, I’m not surprised you’re so frustrated and needing a duvet & YouTube session.


    1. The rheumatology thing is just bizarre – and definitely something patients should be warned about before we take that one bite of the cherry! I still can’t get my head around it. What do they do with people who have degenerative conditions? It makes no sense whatsoever… I really hope neither of us is left on the wrong side of the Rheumy threshold!

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      1. So much with healthcare seems to go against good common sense, it’s incredibly frustrating and disheartening! I really hope you’re feeling a little better today..x


      2. You’re so right about the lack of common sense! I personally believe it’s down to the over reliance on the mechanical idea of how the human body works; if the engine fails in a car, there is absolutely no reason to check the tyres or break pads. However, the human body isn’t a thing that was assembled – it’s a complex eco system where everything part can affect the workings of a seemingly unconnected function. Anyway…. What do we know, eh?

        I am getting back to a more even keel – getting the rant on the page helped a lot (plus all of those skateboarding videos 😜…)

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