Warning: This Post Contains Zombies!

2 thoughts on “Warning: This Post Contains Zombies!”

  1. Hi my friend Helen O’Brien recommended your blog to me. I think she knows you through volunteering. I have recently been diagnosed with benign MS and Fibromyalgia. All my current symptoms are fibro related. Feel like there’s nowhere to get support!!!! Can you help please?


    1. Hi Kirsty!

      Helen did tell me about you – really sorry to hear about your diagnosis.

      There are a couple of online resources that I use whenever I feel as though I’m only getting part of the picture from any doctors I encounter.

      http://www.ukfibromyalgia.com has so much up to date information about research, treatments, and symptom management. It also contains a database of many ‘real space’ support groups, as well as it’s own support forum. I would also suggest signing up to the newsletter because they collate so much news and health information, it saves you having to trawl the internet for data and medical reports.

      http://fmauk.org is a site that I use less often, but it does have a really good forum where pretty much every question gets answered.

      Because I had Endometriosis for a decade before the Fibro diagnosis, I think it probably was less of a shock to the system when I found out. However, being ill for so long has given me a little perspective; and the one piece of advice I would offer you is not to accept any treatment that you’re not completely comfortable with. Even though Fibro treatment is a bit of a lottery (my only option was a month of therapy at a pain clinic) there is a tendency to throw various anti-depressants at patients in a bid to do ‘something’. But you don’t have to accept what you’re told if you know it won’t be the right option for you: only you know what it’s like to live in your body.

      I really hope some of that helps, and I hope that you can find a support group close to you. I’ll give Helen my email address so that we can communicate without it being in public!

      Treat yourself kindly,

      The Martian Princess


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