3 Reasons Why The Chronically Ill Will Relate To The Big Sick

10 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why The Chronically Ill Will Relate To The Big Sick”

  1. How have I not come across this one yet? I like Zoe Kazan, and it sounds like this is worth watching. Thanks for the heads up, will make sure to check it out when I can!
    Caz x


  2. Have you watched the movie Cake? It had poor reviews and many people didn’t understand it. I suppose that one couldn’t if they didn’t suffer from Chronic Pain, would they? I watched it quite a while ago so should probably watch it again to give a better review. One reason I liked the TV show House so much is that the writers did a good job depicting how chronic pain can effect a persons attitude, irritability level, relationship to others and general outlook over time. People who have temporary pain, even if for a month or so, can’t understand what it is like to know that pain will be never ending. It’s a whole different animal.

    The past two days it felt like someone was stabbing me over and over in my foot. It only lasted for 5-10 minutes each time but quite bad. What did I do? Breath through it and wait. Before that it was a butcher knife in the thigh on and off for a week. Misfiring breves is so much fun, not. Who knows what part of my body will hurt next. It is what it is. I’m getting good at having a poker face when in public. 🙂


    1. I have seen the film Cake, and I loved it.

      I think you are completely on the right track in regards to people not understanding it, because, as you stated, it’s really difficult for a lot of folks to comprehend what it’s like to be in dire pain ALL THE TIME.

      Really sorry to hear you’re having such a tough time with symptoms right now and, yes, not knowing which part of you is going to be antagonised next is a huge psychological strain to bear.

      When I was a kid I watched an episode of Hammer House Of Horror where a woman was struck down with horrendous inexplicable pain that no doctor could understand or diagnose. She eventually discovered that a seventeenth century witch (who had been dragged forward through time to the modern era) had make a wax effigy of her and stuck pins all the way down the right side of the doll’s body.

      That episode crosses my mind a lot these days and as ridiculous as it sounds, every now and again I wonder if I’m going to make a similar discovery…

      Just kidding!

      Or am I…? 😉

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      1. OMG, I want to watch that, lol! I actually have a crochet pattern for voodoo dolls. I made one for the fun of it. The fun comes in when I see the reactions of people after telling them about the pattern. Too funny! 😛

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