The Patient By Gaslight

4 thoughts on “The Patient By Gaslight”

  1. They’ve given me the ‘hysterical woman’ label too – and this despite knowing I had a subluxation of the hip that they failed to diagnose and treat, hence the severe chronic pain and disability.

    Good post, thank you! 🙂

    🐻 💜

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    1. I try not to give direct advice because it can sound a lot like “I cured ‘such-and-such’ by using infused rabbit droppings – you should too!” But I did want to suggest that, if it’s at all possible (and if you haven’t done so already) you should consider finding yourself a good Osteopath: not because Osteopathy will cure you (I’m testimony to that!) but because they can actually diagnose from the physical evidence presented to them. This may not necessarily make your GP listen, but it will provide documented evidence that the doctors were being wilfully ignorant. They can only refer to other private practitioners, but that should include private GPs; which would be cheaper than a private specialist, but can still get you to the right specialist, albeit in a roundabout kind of way… If this sounds like something that could help, I would suggest that you find someone who is registered with the General Osteopathic Council or the British Osteopathic Association (or both!)

      I hope that didn’t sound too preachy! It’s just that the Osteopath I see has really helped me navigate the obstacle course that is the GP surgery. He was the one who told me that I needed to see a Rheumatologist and he often coaches me on the correct approach for requesting information without going through the whole Freedom Of Information Act palaver. He is also the person who has single handedly kept me out of a wheelchair for the last few years: even though I have a diagnosis, and am seeing all of the various hospital departments involved with that, I would be utterly lost without that man…

      All the best 💛

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      1. Thank you so much for your kind and helpful advice. Your osteopath sounds like a gem. My whole family used to see one years ago – I had complications with my elbow that had a piece of bone chipped out when I fell on ice as a child, and I had pain with it afterwards and found it hard writing. I’ve seen three different physiotherapists since this injury. To sum it up, if the GPs had correctly diagnosed me I wouldn’t have the long-term nerve and soft tissue damage, mobility problems. They have excluded this info from my medical records! The new doctor told me (he wants to help, but it’s hard getting to see him). I’m looking into legally fighting this inept medical practice – they’ve severely reduced my life quality and I’m suffering financially. By the way, they told my elderly neighbour with a broken foot to go walking! This is how ‘good’ they are :/

        All the best too 🙂
        🐻 💜

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