Someone Snatched My Security Blanket!

6 thoughts on “Someone Snatched My Security Blanket!”

  1. OMG, too funny but in a self-identified way. Years ago, when I was a cyclist, obviously before fibro, I watched Versus TV. It had all the cycling races Tour d’France of course but my favorite Tour d’Italia as well as all the one day races. Then suddenly, gone, completely gone. That was the end of that. I’m sure at this point all that can be found somewhere online but I’ve long been done with cycling. However, I so remember the utter disappointment and sense of loss. I couldn’t mention it to anyone a they definitely wouldn’t get it. Now I am a Netflix and Hulu girl. My downtime for fibro maintenance is TV and coloring or TV and puzzles or TV and crochet, lol. See a theme?


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