Feeling SO Martian Right Now…

3 thoughts on “Feeling SO Martian Right Now…”

  1. No matter how many flares I get I seem to forget in between. I end up going through all the usual reasons that were applicable early in life despite the fact that none of them apply now. Eventually I’m like, “oh right, fibro.” Or, I blame everything on fibro which may or may not be accurate. I take a lot of meds for other things and have other diagnosis so it’s hard to piece out what symptom goes with which problem. I’m beginning to think the short version of the spoon theory explanation to a non-chronic pain person is this: I went to the doctor. He gave me a set of juggling balls, said I have fibro, and wished me good luck.

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      1. Yes, please do. I think it can be applied to so many things. I just thought of it and am going to use it too. Trying to explain the spoon theory is too tedious for people to understand. Everyone’s tried juggling and failed, lol.


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