I Have A Penchant For Rejecting Talking Therapies. How Do I Overcome This?

5 thoughts on “I Have A Penchant For Rejecting Talking Therapies. How Do I Overcome This?”

    1. That’s exactly what i mean, and I know it sounds ridiculous to say “I can’t do that”, but it’s the truth. Because our mother was so volatile (all signs point to her suffering from some form of narcissism), my sister and I learned stoicism as a form of self-preservation – and we’ve discovered as adults that it’s really really difficult to unlearn. For me, it means that I can only really understand my emotions if they are being presented by somebody else, whether real or fictional.

      My sister and I have vastly different tastes when it comes to movies, but we both love (and cried over) ‘The Way Way Back’, and I think it’s for the same reason – we’re both watching that teenage boy and internally screaming “yes – this!” I know I talk in metaphors and similes A LOT (and, strangely enough, so do most of my closest friends – “man. I made a choice that would make Padme Amidala look rational…”) so when a therapist doesn’t know the source material I am literally lost for words. It’s kinda like being in ‘the sunken place’ in the film ‘Get Out’.

      That was a bit of a ramble to basically say ‘I can’t talk about emotions’ 😀

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      1. I think I mentioned it in my recent post, not sure (freaking fibro fog!) but I started using reusable modeling clay to express my emotions. I have a complete disconnect between what I’m feeling and my thinking brain. It’s so frustrating! I discovered that when I’m feeling something my hands can mold that feeling into a facial expression and color of what it is. Then, when I see it, I know what it is. It also kind of absorbs the energy from that emotion. So, for instance, I was angry and I molded a red angry face then a blue sad face then a grey confused face. I didn’t want it to turn to a downward spiral so I molded a yellow happy face and I actually felt better! I’ll have to post pictures!

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      2. That sounds like a really good way of expressing the inexpressible – I have a boat load of art supplies at home so this might be a good way to ‘justify my purchases’! I think I might give it a go with paint as I find that a bit easier… Thanks for the tip! 🙂

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