My Chemical Romance

One thought on “My Chemical Romance”

  1. Well that was an interesting read, lol. I actually thought of it for half a second, for my fibro, till I got to the second half. I also have bipolar 1 and, for me, any kind of stimulant can trigger mania. It’s been a long time learning that lesson but when I finally significantly decreased my caffeine intake, that improved. I actually am able to deal with fatigue far better with nearly no caffeine than when drinking tons.

    Here’s an interesting topic for you: pure caffeine versus all the delivery systems. You see, I’ve found that I can no longer tolerate caffeine from coffee. I have to admit my initial motivation was in reducing hot flashes, lol, but then everything else improved. The caffeine I do have, which is a little in the afternoon or when needed for driving, is from those caffeinated mio’s or crystal light. I also keep caffeine pills in my car. I have them cut in quarters and use for longer distances, a trick my retired truck driving father taught me. Interestingly, he read an experiment where they gave one animal (not sure what type) coffee and another straight caffeine. The one with coffee had dull dry fur whereas the other had a beautiful luxuriant coat. Hmmm.

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